Stop Motion Magazine is a free online magazine and pdf publication that covers the news and happenings in the Stop Motion Animation World. The people behind the magazine are animators that work either professionally in the industry or are serious enthusiasts that dedicate most of their free time to the art of stop motion animation. The following is a little bit about us and what we do.

 Current Staff:

 John Ikuma: Executive Editor / Founder of Stop Motion Magazine

John is a Professional VFX Artist in Los Angeles California. He works in TV and Film Production in Hollywood California on high profile stop motion production utilizing both traditional and modern techniques of animation. To contact John email him at: editor(At)stopmotionmagazine(Dot)com

IMDB Credits:   Email: Editor(At)stopmotionmagazine(Dot)com



Past Contributors:

Langley West

Langley West: Contributing Writer

Langley West is an artist that works in the Special Effects Make-Up Industry. His passion shines through in his interests in both animation and martial arts. The dude is super cool.



 Melissa Piekaar: Contributing Writer/Editor

Melissa has worked in TV animation as a Stop Motion Puppet Maker. She also has Degree’s in Zoology, Art, and Experimental Animation. WOW!!!

Melissa has contributed in the past issues as an Editor and Writer. She is currently working in the Animation Industry.



 Pike Baker: Contributing Writer

Pike comes from the east coast and has been an animator since he was 9 years old.

Currently working on his own films, Pike is heavily influenced by the early years of animation.





 Don Carlson: Contributing Writer

Don has made a name for himself as an independent clay animator. He recently completed his film Blue Alien Summer and is showing it online. Don also is a talented musician and composes music for other artists films along with his own.