August 15, 2012

Disney Officially Halts Henry Selick Film

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Written by: stopmo

On 8/14/210 announced that legendary stop mo director Henry Selick was told that Disney would no longer be connected with his top secret feature film currently in production in San Francisco at his Cinderbiter Studios. Currently this is floating all around the web like fire. It’s also rumored that the production is severally behind in design and concept and that it would not meet its 2013 release in October. In short the new head of Disney (Alan Horn) didn’t believe that Selick and his crew could meet their deadline and that production currently wasn’t happening. This is according to Variety, Deadline,  CinemaBlend, FirstShowing, and many many more rumor mill websites.

Now onto some facts. Cartoon Brew (one of our favorite sites to visit) found out and wrote “Local 839 IATSE business rep Steve Hulett confirmed on the animation union blog that Disney contacted the union on Tuesday morning to inform them of the impending shutdown.”. So it turns out that it’s not so much a rumor and that this may be a fact. The only saving grace is that Disney is allowing Selick to take his film to another studio.


I have officially heard from a crew member (who will stay anonymous)  that the production is shut down. We are all very disappointed in this news. Fingers crossed that they will be able to shop the film and start up production again in a few months.

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