December 13, 2011

Jim Henson Was A Stop Motion Animator

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If you were unaware of just how truly amazing and inventive Jim Henson really was than you have missed out for sometime. Infact we all have missed out since many of Jim Henson’s early works have been shelved to give way to his Muppets or Sesame Street productions. A little known fact about Jim Henson is that he was a Stop Motion Animator. Yes, you read that right. Not only did the man reshape the way the world looks at puppetry, but he also worked hard at animating shorts.

One such endeavor  had never seen the light of day until the Henson company released the film on YouTube. I must give credit to Jerry over at for finding and posting this gem on the Cartoon Brew Blog. “Alexander the Grape” is a cutout animation animated by Jim Henson in the 60’s and was lost to time since it was never completed. The great thing here is that Jims family had found the film and pieced it back together with storyboard stills to help tell this wonderful story of a grape that wants to be a watermelon. This release is part of the Jim Henson’s Red Book (Link to RedBook) which is a personal production journal from Hensons production past in the 60’s to the late 80’s. We hope the Henson comapany finds more of these films and makes them available for the public to see.

“Alexander the Grape” was shot in the 60’s on a 16 mm Bolex and can be seen bel0w.


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