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Hell & Back Trailer

  Shadow Machine the legendary stop motion studio where series Robot Chicken, Morel Orel, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole got their start comes a raunchy, shocking, and very adult stop motion film, “Hell and Back”. the film shot completely at Shadow Machine Studios stars Milla Kunis, T.J Miller, Susan Sarandon, Michael Pena and a whole lot […]

Harryhausen Bank Note Art

Harryhausen Nominated for English Bank Note

  The legendary Ray Harryhausen was honored recently by being nominated to be on the English 20 pound bank note. The Bank of England is considering many such artists in the field of visual arts, but Harryhausen by far is our favorite. Here’s what the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation has to say about the […]

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Adventure Time Stop Motion!!!

  OMG! Adventure Time Stop Motion!!! And it’s real!!! Okay, enough freaking out. Actually, we knew about this for some time, but were unable to let anyone know due to legal reason. The production was produced at Bix Pix Entertainment and directed by Kirsten Lapore. The group at Bix Pix is amazing and seeing what […]

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Zombie Pirate Tales

Zombie Pirate Tales the brainchild creation of the talented Marc Spess has it’s first episode release. It has taken Marc many years to complete this episode having documented his path along the way which all can be seen on his YouTube Channel. Marc prides himself as being a clay animator and the level and skill […]

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Timber Bones – Hunt

Recently we were contacted by the band “Tumber Bones” who had a pretty cool music video produced and released. The music is good on the ears and the visuals are a fun ride. Here’s a little insight into the video production. “‘HUNT’ The music video for Timber Bones second single “Hunt” tells the tale of […]

360 Degree Ele Vr On The Web

Is Ele Vr’s gif the First 360 degree Stop Motion???

Ele Vr Posted on her Youtube channel in September 2014 a video loop that could most likely be the worlds first 360 panorama stop motion animation. Check it out and tell us what you think.

FumbyFest2015 Festivals

GUMBY Fest is coming to Citrus College!

Gumby Fest has found a new location for this years 2015 Festival. Last year was a huge success and this years event promises to be even bigger. Read more from the Press Release Below!!!  

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Aardman Exhibit in Paris March 21st – August 30th

Aardman and Art Ludique are teaming up to bring a long anticipated exhibit of Aardmans past work. The exhibit will run from March 21st to August 30th 2015 and will feature many elements from the studios past world renowned works. Heres a few lines from the museums website This is a major event for the […]

ClayFighter-Box Products

Clay Fighter – Remastered For The PC

Clay Master is a legendary fighting game originally released back for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64. It utilized stop motion and clay characters to produce some amazing fight sequences and hours of Jolt soda infused Hyper-Active battles between the youth of the 90’s. The best part was that it even had Earthworm […]

twice_upon_A_time_2 Classics

Twice Upon A Time – DVD Release Coming!

Twice Upon A Time is a cult classic animated film with style and a crazy story line. It was produced by George Lucas and many people don’t know this but it was Henry Selicks first animation gig, at least thats what he said when being interviewed about Coraline back during a promotional event. Many people […]


IOA - Gabriel Muhrig

IOA – Gabriel Mohring

Posted  July 16, 2014  by  stopmo

  IOA by Gabriel Muhring is a mad scientists dream really. A speaking and thinking Vowel Machine talks, life, God and the how horrible the singing teacher is… Pretty impressive work and beautifully done. It has been shown at many film festivals and has been very widely received. I believe it was produced in Switzerland. […]

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3D Printers

Worlds First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer!

Posted  July 15, 2014  by  stopmo

3D printers seem to be on the minds and lips of many in the stop motion world and especially those of us that spend our time imagining and building puppets and props to animate. The ability to make an object that is super detailed and ready to be turned into a puppet either through molding […]

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RoboCop “ED-209” Chronicle Collectibles – Pre-Order Now!

Posted  July 14, 2014  by  stopmo

  The Limited Edition RoboCop ED-209 replica is available now for Pre-Order from Chronicle Collectibles. This is so RAD!!!! It’s molded from the Original Screen Used Stopmo Puppet at Tippet Studios. At around $1200 this is no toy, its a work of art. more images can be found on the Chronicle Collectibles website.  (Chronicles Collectibles) […]

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Waves of Grain – Trippy Stopmo Wood Sanding Video

Posted  July 14, 2014  by  stopmo

We stumbled on an article by Gannon Burgett over at (Original Article) and could not resist sharing this awesome experimental stop motion film. Artist Keith Skretch frame by frame sands down layer by layer of blocks of beautiful wood and the end result is this gorgeous psychedelic piece placed to some old spaghetti western […]

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PES Kickstarts New Film – “Submarine Sandwich”

Posted  July 14, 2014  by  stopmo

PES the worlds most well known found object animator has started a Kick Starter to help fund his next endeavor. “Submarine Sandwich” takes place in a deli where the meats are all athletic equipment. You can get a really good idea of the final look and feel of the final film though the images that […]

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11-year-old Eggs swings into trouble when he tries to rescue a Boxtroll friend in LAIKA and Focus Features' family event movie THE BOXTROLLS, opening nationwide September 26th.
Credit: LAIKA, Inc.
In Production

The BoxTrolls – Our Behind the Scenes Set Visit

Posted  July 12, 2014  by  stopmo

So you’ve heard about The BoxTrolls have you? It just happens to be the biggest stop motion feature film this year being produced by LAIKA Studios in Portland and we are all bitting our nails in anticipation to see the film, right? Yep, and so much more….. Let me explain…   Back in January 2014 […]

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