Our Story

In 2009 our founder, executive editor, and resident animator created Stop Motion Magazine in the hope of being able to share the art form around the world while giving readers and fans of the art form a central source and location for learning and enrichment not found anywhere else. Stop Motion Magazine’s purpose was to foster and generate interest in an art form that is loved by millions but for many had no way of promoting or learning about this medium and all of it’s beauty.

What started out as a small little publication focused on a little niche medium has evolved into a world wide authority on the art form and a very popular medium world wide. Staffed by experts in the field of animation this little publication is now one of the leading sources for artists, fans, professionals, and hobbyists in the field of model animation. Stop Motion Magazine is produced as a publication read by tens of thousands world wide and each issues focuses on productions big and small, technology, and techniques specific to animation, model building, 3d printing, and pretty much everything else you would possibly need in an art/film studio. If it’s animation or model building related we probably in one way or another will cover it. We are different however because our main focus is in the arts… all of them and not just in animation… Confused? Let us explain.

Stop motion animation is the only art form in the world that can use all the other art forms. Simply put if you can move it or look at it then it can be incorporated into the stop motion animation production. Examples of this are in the various techniques or subcategories of stop motion animation. For instance the animation of humans is called pixelation, clay animation uses clay, while hybrid animation uses stop motion with cgi and 2d animation. There are a ton of different styles of animation within the stop motion category and this makes our art form the most diverse in terms of style and performance.

You may hear or think “Isn’t stop motion dead?”….

We actually hear this a lot and this is so far from the truth that it is laughable. For one thing stop motion animation is the most accessible form of animation in the world. It is easier for a person no matter what age they are to learn stop motion animation than it is to learn CGI or 2D traditional animation. Not everyone can afford a big giant computer to render 3D images, and not everyone can draw beautiful characters… But everyone can move an object and take a picture and do this process over and over again. This is why stop motion animation is more popular world wide than CGI or 2D animation. This is evident in the amount of free stop motion applications that have been downloaded off of the Apple Store or Google Play. We are talking millions of downloads!!!

You’re probably asking “why don’t I ever hear about stop motion animation in my news feed?”…

Ahhh… That has to do with search engines tracking your interests and not the interests of others. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, and every other software on the internet tracks your search interests and tries to feed you information that either the software thinks you are interested in or what a company has paid for your to see in your feeds. This is a well known fact and chances are if you start searching for bandsaws you’ll see bandsaw advertisements in your feed. Same thing is true in animation. Start searching for softwares or puppet building supplies and you will get those advertisements.

Our Future…

Right now Stop Motion Magazine is celebrating it’s 10th year as an independent publication. We are still a small little news source but we have a voice heard by a large and rapidly growing audience. Stop Motion Magazine has a bright future in bringing news about the industry to everyone in the world. The best way to guarantee this is by your support. Subscribe to Stop Motion Magazine and get updated issues along with access to all our past issues. Join us on this ride and help us spread the word.