Stop Motion Magazine is a digital and paper publication and website focused on the art of stop motion animation and all it’s related technologies. If it’s animation we probably in one way or another cover it.





Stop Motion Animation is one of the most beloved and overlooked forms of art in the world. It is also one of the most accessible and achievable forms of personal expression available to those whom have the technology to make it. With every art form there are many hurdles and challenges. Resources and information regarding techniques, methods, and inspiration are often hard to locate even in todays modern age of technology and internet communication. Lets face it, the internet is a very large place and there are an almost uncountable amount of artists and projects that exist worldwide. What we strive to achieve here at Stop Motion Magazine is to provide you the reader with a valuable tool from which to explore, learn, and entertain yourself.  We focus on everything stop motion from puppets to paper, clay to pixelation.

547487_10151679350068182_800326852_nAre mission is to give you best in behind the scenes looks at productions big and small. Hot tips on whats going on in the industry. We’ve launched a forum for individuals to share their projects and learn from each other. Our print magazine provides our subscriber base a unique experience with exclusive interviews, stories, and techniques only available to those whom subscribe or order print issues. We send out updates and exclusive information about hot deals related to the animation industry. What makes us different from everyone else is that we are a small, independent, publication that not only has a crew of individuals whom work, live and play within the industry, but that we also care about the field and art form with a passionate love that borders on obsessive. Here at Stop Motion Magazine we want nothing more then to live the dream along with our fellow stop motion enthusiasts. We hope that you enjoy our website, print publications, and YouTube Videos.

Keep Animating

John Ikuma (Executive Editor) – Stop Motion Magazine


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