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AnimaSapienprovides a versatile and easy to use armature kit

AnimatorHDWindows based software for creating stop motion animation

Animation ToolkitStop Motion Supplies

AnimaShooterAnimation Software for Windows

Armaversearmatures for stop motion animation and more

Animation Suppliesproviding high quality animation products to the animation industry

Berkey Systemcreating rigs of the future since 2027

DitoGeartimelapse, video & motion control equipment

Dragonframepremier image capture software for stop motion animation

Douglas & Sturgessingredients for Art

Dynamic Perception Motion Control, Camera Movers, Time Lapse

eMotimomoco camera heads

Frame Thiefstop motion software for Apple computers

I Can Animatestop motion software for Windows computers

iKitMoviestop motion software for Windows computers

Inventables the hardware store for designers

iStopMotionstop motion software for Apple computers

JellyCam stop motion maker

JK Camera animation camera supplies

Mackinnon and Saunders one of the world’s leading puppet making companies

MonkeyJamstop motion software for Windows computers

The Monster Makers one stop shop for all your monster making needs

MovieStuff special effects, film transfers, equipment

Puppet Puttyformulated by clay animator Don Carlson

Stopmotionpro world leading software for making animated films

Stop-mo-tec modular plug in wire armature system and custom armatures

TV Paint Animation paperless drawing and animation tool

George Weil traditional craft supplies

John Wright Modelmaking quality models, sets, props and armatures

Zu3Dstop motion software for Windows computers

Zung Studio DIY Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101 DVD

Quantum Cat WindersStop Motion Winders / Rigging

Kinetic ArmaturesArmatures, Rigging, and DIY Motion Control

Up Uno Armatures and Stop Motion Puppet Heads


Aardman Animationstop motion studio located in Bristol, England

Banana Park Animation specializing in commercials

Beast Animation stop motion studio

Bentanimation studio in Portland Oregon

Bix Pix animation studio located in Burbank, California

Bonobostudio Animation Studio in Croatia

Bowes Productions Inc. stop motion studio in Vancouver, BC

Buddy Systems Studios stop motion studio in N. Hollywood, California

Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc. stop motionstudio located in Burbank, California

Clay Animationclay animation in Valencia, Spain

The Clayman offers a variety of animation services located in Vancouver, BC

Clokey Productions / Premavision creators of Gumby & Davey and Goliath

Cuppa Coffee Studios stop motion studio located in Toronto, Ontario

Cycho stop motion studio located in Sydney, Australia

Dwarf character & animation studio in Japan

Flying Gherkin stop motion studio in Sydney, Australia

House Special animation production in Portland, Oregon

Humanimalia Studio located in Mexico

Ideal Standard Films studio based in London

John Lemmon Films animation studio in Charlotte, N. Carolina

Junk Brothers one of the leading production houses in the Bulgarian market

Laika / Entertainment stop motion feature film studio located in Hillsboro, Oregon

Loose Moose Productions stop motion studio in London

Mammafotogramma stop motion studio in Italy

Open the Portal animation studio in Los Angeles

Panic Button Pictures studio located in Seattle, Washington

PEDRI Animation BV animation studio in The Netherlands

Scopas Medien animation studio in Frankfurt

Screen Novelties stop motion studio in Los Angeles

Se-Ma-For animation studio in Poland

Shadedbox Animationscharacter animation studio in Los Angeles

Shadowmachinestop motion studio in Los Angeles

Stoopid Buddy Stoodiosstop motion studio in Los Angeles

Tippett Studio animation studio located in Berkeley, California

Trik Film Effectsstudio of Edmund Sydor

Trikk 17 stop motion studio in Hamburg, Germany

Two Left Hands stop motion studio in Paris

Weirdough AnimationJürgen Kling’s Studio

(W)holesome Products Inc. purveyors of quality film, theater and tv since 1993

Wild Brain animation studio in Sherman Oaks, California

Wind-up Pictures animation and design studio in Toronto


Alan AlsupEnemies Domestic

Damon BardBard Sculpture Studio

Frej Bengtsson stop motion animator

Randy Boyum stop motion animator

Anne Breymanndirector / puppet builder / animator

Jesse Brodkey and Chuck Duke RUNG stop motion blog

Siobhan Cavanagh art and animation blog

Webster Colcord Animator/Director

Bob Deaverstop motion and computer animation

Dragonframe Blog some great interviews and articles can be found here

Megan Ehrhart Tuscar Studio Films

Joel Fletchergallery of eclectic images

Jason Gottlieb stop motion and cg animator

Brian Haimes puppet fabrication

Sam Holland Stop Frame Puppets

Jerold Howard director of ‘See the Truth’

Nick Hilligosstutorials on setbuilding, puppetmaking, camera and lighting rigs

Jürgen Kling stop motion animator/director

Scott Kravitz film pictures cello news

Joe Laudatisculptor/writer

The Lone Animator Richard Svensson’s homepage

Kevin MacLean Hollywoodland

Evan Mather hand crafted films

Puppets and Clay blog page

Stop Motion Works News Pageall the latest stopmo news

Barry JC Purves animator director writer

Patrick Raats Animation freelance animator

Justin Rasch Stop Motion Mission

Anthony Scott stop motion animator

Jeremy Spake armature specialist

Kate Stranskystop-motion director and designer

Eric Swenson director of photography and visual effects

Harry Walton vfxmasters

Wombok Forest online production journal

Zombie Pirates production log

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