Animation Supplies


AnimaSapien  provides a versatile and easy to use armature kit

AnimatorHD  Windows based software for creating stop motion animation

Animation Toolkit  Stop Motion Supplies

Animation Toolworks  home of the LunchBox DV

AnimaShooter Animation Software for Windows

Armaverse  armatures for stop motion animation and more

Animation Supplies  providing high quality animation products to the animation industry

Berkey System  creating rigs of the future since 2027

DitoGear  timelapse, video & motion control equipment

Dragonframe  premier image capture software for stop motion animation

Douglas & Sturgess  ingredients for Art

Dynamic Perception  Motion Control, Camera Movers, Time Lapse

eMotimo  moco camera heads

Frame Thief  stop motion software for Apple computers

I Can Animate  stop motion software for Windows computers

iKitMovie  stop motion software for Windows computers

Inventables  the hardware store for designers

iStopMotion  stop motion software for Apple computers

JellyCam  stop motion maker

JK Camera  animation camera supplies

Mackinnon and Saunders  one of the world’s leading puppet making companies

Magpie Pro  professional lip-sync and animation timing tool

MonkeyJam  stop motion software for Windows computers

The Monster Makers  one stop shop for all your monster making needs

MovieStuff  special effects, film transfers, equipment

Puppet Putty formulated by clay animator Don Carlson

Stopmotionpro  world leading software for making animated films

Stop-mo-tec  modular plug in wire armature system and custom armatures

TV Paint  Animation  paperless drawing and animation tool

George Weil  traditional craft supplies

John Wright Modelmaking  quality models, sets, props and armatures

Zu3D  stop motion software for Windows computers

Zung Studio  DIY Foam Latex Puppetmaking 101 DVD

Quantum Cat Winders Stop Motion Winders / Rigging

Kinetic Armatures Armatures, Rigging, and DIY Motion Control

Up Uno Armatures and Stop Motion Puppet Heads