Aardman Animation  stop motion studio located in Bristol, England

Banana Park Animation  specializing in commercials

Beast Animation  stop motion studio

Bent  animation studio in Portland Oregon

Bix Pix  animation studio located in Burbank, California

Bonobostudio  Animation Studio in Croatia

Bowes Productions Inc.  stop motion studio in Vancouver, BC

Buddy Systems Studios  stop motion studio in N. Hollywood, California

Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.  stop motion studio located in Burbank, California

Clay Animation clay animation in Valencia, Spain

The Clayman  offers a variety of animation services located in Vancouver, BC

Clokey Productions / Premavision  creators of Gumby & Davey and Goliath

Cuppa Coffee Studios  stop motion studio located in Toronto, Ontario

Cycho  stop motion studio located in Sydney, Australia

Dwarf  character & animation studio in Japan

Flying Gherkin  stop motion studio in Sydney, Australia

House Special   animation production in Portland, Oregon

Humanimalia Studio  located in Mexico

Ideal Standard Films  studio based in London

John Lemmon Films  animation studio in Charlotte, N. Carolina

Junk Brothers  one of the leading production houses in the Bulgarian market

Laika / Entertainment  stop motion feature film studio located in Hillsboro, Oregon

Loose Moose Productions  stop motion studio in London

Mammafotogramma  stop motion studio in Italy

Open the Portal  animation studio in Los Angeles

Panic Button Pictures  studio located in Seattle, Washington

PEDRI Animation BV  animation studio in The Netherlands

Scopas Medien  animation studio in Frankfurt

Screen Novelties  stop motion studio in Los Angeles

Se-Ma-For  animation studio in Poland

Shadedbox Animations  character animation studio in Los Angeles

Shadowmachine  stop motion studio in Los Angeles

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios  stop motion studio in Los Angeles

Tippett Studio  animation studio located in Berkeley, California

Trik Film Effects  studio of Edmund Sydor

Trikk 17  stop motion studio in Hamburg, Germany

Two Left Hands  stop motion studio in Paris

Weirdough Animation  Jürgen Kling’s Studio

(W)holesome Products Inc.  purveyors of quality film, theater and tv since 1993

Wild Brain  animation studio in Sherman Oaks, California

Wind-up Pictures  animation and design studio in Toronto

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